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LifeStraw universal water bottle filter adaptor turns your favorite bottle into an advance water filter system for any situation. This system fits two different sized caps so it can be used in a wide variety of water bottle shapes and sizes, including many styles of Nalgene, Hydroflask, Camelback, and Klean Kanteen bottles. This way, you can refill your personal water bottle from contaminated water sources like lakes, rivers, fountains, bathroom sinks, and public wells in the country, and have safe and clean drinking water wherever you are.  This portable water filter is perfect for outdoors, travel, fitness cycling, hiking, and emergency preparedness. The kit includes 2-stage filter, threaded wide mouth and standard caps, standard and sport mouthpieces, leakproof lid with loop, and carry bag.

Advance and Efficient Portable Water Filter System

The LifeStraw Universal Water Filter Bottle Adapter Kit has a replaceable 2-stage filter. The first stage of filtration features a replaceable hollow fiber membrane microbiological filter which filters to 0.2 microns, and removes 99.999999 percent of waterborne bacteria, and 99.999 percent of waterborne protozoan parasites, from up to 1,000 gallons (4,000 liters) of water. The second stage of filtration puts water through a replaceable activated carbon capsule, which reduces organic chemical matter (pesticides, herbicides, VOCs), exceeds the NSF-42 standard for chlorine reduction, and improves taste for up to 26 gallons or 100 liters of water.

All kit materials are FDA approved, and manufactured from food grade silicone.

Socially-minded company

If you buy the LifeStraw Universal Water Filter Bottle Adapter Kit, you will provide safe drinking water to a child in a developing community for an entire school year. The LifeStraw Company has many safe water projects that help children in countries like Kenya, India and Haiti.

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Simple Modern WaveTravel Water Bottle


The Simple Modern Wave Travel Water bottle is double-walled and vacuum insulated. This technology keeps your beverage hot or cold for hours. Specific details for each size are listed in the description and the featured photos. To provide maximum insulation, the lid is double-walled and the exterior of the bottle’s inner wall has been coated in copper. The copper coating is unseen since it is within the double walls.

This insulated water bottle is made from premium gauge 18/8 stainless steel. We have chosen from the most popular colors, giving the container a vibrant finish. The solid colors have a subtle sparkle in the paint. This FDA approved will never rust or leave a bad metal taste in your mouth.

The exterior will never sweat. Don’t worry about getting water on your desk, rings on your table, or a mess in your bag! The leak proof bottle won’t even be hot or cold to the touch no matter the temperature of the liquid. The 25oz Wave will hold a full bottle of wine.

Say good-bye to spilling your drink on your shirt because of sloshing. The narrow mouth on the Wave bottle will channel your beverage, making it perfect to drink out of. Normal sized ice cubes will fit through the opening one at a time.

This bottle will keep your beverage the same temperature as long as possible and the narow mouth makes it easy to drink out of on the go. The 9oz and 17oz sizes are cupholder compatible in most cars and the 25oz fits larger cupholders. This is perfect for the office, road trips, sporting events, use at home and so much more. Take us with you as you make a positive impact and show the world who you are!


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